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Welcome to MovieProps, your ultimate meeting place for movie collectors and cinephiles! Here you can show off, sell, or simply admire your proud possessions of movie props. From iconic posters to authentic costumes, MovieProps is the perfect platform to showcase these fascinating pieces for the world to discover. Immerse yourself in a world where you can discover unique items from your favorite movies and admire the incredible creativity and craftsmanship that goes into each one.

But MovieProps is much more than a gallery or marketplace - it's a living community. Come connect with like-minded people, share your passion, stories and experiences with other movie lovers and collectors. Whether you're a seasoned collector or just discovering the world of movie memorabilia, you're welcome to join MovieProps. Join us and become part of our ever-growing community of movie enthusiasts!

Since the founders Nico and Bernhard are not only active in the field of Movie Props for more than 15 years, but also in the field of grading for almost 15 years, another feature is the cooperation site Grading-Universe.

If you're interested in the whole collecting universe, also visit our corporate site Kuja-Network

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Dear collectors and enthusiasts,

We're proud to introduce our two premium platforms: Movie-Props-Universe.com and Grading-Universe.com. During our introductory phase, we offer you full access to BOTH sites absolutely FREE for a whole 6 months!

After that, using both sites together is only €44.95 per year! Dive into the universe of movie props and simultaneously explore the world of collectible cards and more.

Or choose your preferred site and use it individually for just €24.95 per year.

Regardless of which offer you choose, with Movie-Props-Universe.com and Grading-Universe.com you're always at the heart of the collector's universe!

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With us, community is not just a byproduct, but the core of our mission. We firmly believe that collecting movie props is much more than a hobby - it's a passion that connects us and brings us together.

On our platform, we share not only rare and beloved film items, but also our stories, admiration, and knowledge. We welcome anyone to join our vibrant community, whether you're a long-time collector or just discovered your interest in film souvenirs.

At MovieProps, every collector becomes a part of our family. We grow and learn together, celebrate new discoveries, and support each other on our journey. We look forward to welcoming you into our community and sharing the magic of movie prop collecting with you. Because in our community, we are stronger, more inspiring, and simply more "movie-loving." At MovieProps, community is not an option - it's a way of life. Welcome home!

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About us

Movie-Props-Universe was born out of the passion of the two collectors Nico and Bernhard to surround themselves with unique oroginals from the movie industry, to present these high-lights and to connect with other collectors worldwide in this field.

Behind this are not only the two founders Nico and Bernhard, there are also a lot of influencers, other big collectors and media experts working together in the background, so that uploaded collections can be promoted and made known worldwide. Take the time to post your props, benefit from free NFTs of your collectibles when posted earlier in your showrooms here also MP-Universe until the end of 2023.

Movie-Props Universe as a platform is just the beginning, there is much more in active planning, be surprised what opportunities will be created here for collectors in the next two years. Large-scale cooperations with companies and auction houses are our ambitious goal and you can be part of it and benefit as a member when all this is implemented in the next 2-3 years. Be a part of us!


In this section you can create your own virtual collection of your Movie Props and put them in special showrooms named by you. Everything you upload here online can be shared in all other social media areas and within a few seconds you can put it from this collection on the worldwide marketplace. Through the smart programming on Movie-Props Universe you can sell directly from your showrooms and re-sort purchased collectibles. Try it out...

In addition, MovieProps offers you the opportunity to share your knowledge and experience with others, gain new insights and receive valuable feedback on your collection. With us you can not only exchange ideas about your favorite movies, but also discover new treasures and expand your collection.

And best of all, everyone is welcome here, from beginners to professionals. Whether you've just discovered your passion for movie props or are already a seasoned collector, you'll always find a place at MovieProps. Join our community and rediscover the joys of movie prop collecting!

Our Esteemed Partners

On our journey through the universe of collectibles and rarities, we're proud to be supported by incredible partners who share and complement our vision.

First, we'd like to introduce you to Time-to-Collect.com. For all aficionados of collectible figures, this is the perfect place to express your passion. Whether you're looking for that one special figure missing from your collection, or you've decided to share some of your treasures with others, Time-to-Collect provides a platform that facilitates both buying and selling collectible figures. The best part? You're in a community that shares your enthusiasm for collectible figures.

But that's not all, we're also delighted to have the support of facility-s.de. At first glance, a site offering building solutions might seem to have little in common with the world of collecting. But consider this: every collection, big or small, deserves a suitable space for presentation and protection. Thanks to Nico Jahnke, one of the founders, facility-s offers services ensuring your collection space always remains in prime condition. From cleaning to specialized solutions, facility-s ensures your collection space shines as brightly as your collectibles.

We're proud to collaborate with such outstanding partners, and we're confident they'll further enhance the value and experience our platforms offer.